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Sparklers – 14in Gold


These 14 inch gold sparklers can be used for all types of events, from Wedding, to Birthdays, special events and much more. These are double dipped for superior quality.

  • Low smoke
  • Ashless
  • Wire core
  • 45-60 second burn time

Wedding Sparklers – 36in


36 Inch Premium Wedding Sparklers. The larger quantity the less expensive they become. Starting at only .90 Cents per sparkler!

This is our longest burning premium wedding sparkler and lasts for approximately 4 minutes. Because these sparklers are double dipped, and nearly twice as thick as our other sparklers, they last much longer and provide the largest, most brilliant “sparkle” effect of any sparkler on the market today. With a duration of approximately 4 minutes, you will have time to get that perfect wedding photo. Additionally, our 36 inch wedding sparkler has an easy-light tip, and is made on a steel wire core, making them virtually smokeless, and they are completely ash-less. They are the perfect inexpensive choice for weddings, parties and celebrations.