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Confetti Poppers


This classic also known as party poppers, comes in a variety of colors. Each piece comes with a pull string, and when engaged emits plentiful amounts of beautiful and colorful confetti streamers. Add some bang to your party or event with the hottest party favor of the year. Each box contains 72 of our high-quality confetti poppers that shoot rainbows of streamers. Great for any celebration. 72 poppers per box.


Wedding Confetti Poppers


Have a blast! These wedding poppers are a fun, Eco-friendly alternative to traditional rice for your reception departure.

The white tissue-paper confetti is completely biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about clean-up.

Each box contains 72 white and silver theme wedding poppers. Shoots paper confetti, safe and fun for all.

Each Case contains 20 boxes with 72 poppers in each.